There is no time to lose

The sides have been drawn. Give no quarter, show no mercy. The stakes are clear. We are in a survival phase. Choices have been made and now it is a case of who blinks first. Everything hangs in the balance and this is not a time to equivocate. Strike while the iron is hot. Hold the powers that be ( IE: The media) accountable. Hit […]


It is important that the current dominator forces be given as much rope as needed to hang themselves. History has shown that overreach is the only tactic that the GOP and Trumps ilk know. The rubes who were won over by the NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis tactics will not awaken from their stupor until they are smacked in the face repeatedly with the truth that […]

Have courage and keep moving.

so yeah – we are experiencing a bit of a White/Right lash. But they cannot win more than the occasional battle. They are on the wrong side of History. They are doomed to accept progress because that’s just the way it IS. The benefit of living 70 years and more is that you get to witness the pendulum swing. The trick to living 70 years […]

Your Wiki is leaking!

So Putins Cyber Warfare attack dogs have posted emails from the Clinton campaign saying some really scathing stuff about Bernie – like that he tends to be cranky! Quelle Surprise! Here is a free clue to those Soviet holdover hackers: In countries where elections are between TWO PARTYS, there is this thing called “Opposition research”. I know you are unfamiliar with the concept because YOUR […]

The Future always comes at you head first V1.0

As we approach full nanotech integration into every segment and corner of the world economy we must take the Bull by the tail and face the situation. 19th and 20th-century style Manufacturing jobs ARE NOT coming back because the means of production makes a 180-degree turnaround. It’s time to gear up for jobs in the nanotech sector NOW before they are all allowed to arise […]

Here is a free clue #1

Here’s a free clue. Every human being has 23 pairs of chromosomes. This means that every single one of us has a 247,199,719 chance in 1 to be identical to another human being. What this boils down to is that your chances of getting off this pale blue dot in space and ascending to a place of power somewhere else where your 23 pairs don’t […]